Friday, 1 November 2013

Smittens round 2

So round 2 for me, but in reality it was round 4 on ravelry.  I got 3 very different coloured smittens.  A deep burgandy/brown looking one, a pink one, and a deep wine colour.

I'm already knitting away for the next round, and I'll have 3 more mittens to add to the collection in a few more weeks. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Show #25

Pushing Daisies
From: Winnipeg
Song: Only One
Song: Hard to Love a Liar
Originating in Winnipeg, Canada during the year of 1995, the Pushing Daisies line-up solidified in 1996, as Roland Cote (Vocals/Guitars), James Roth (Guitars), Curtis Paull (Guitars) and Darren Burtniak (drums/percussion).
In 2006, Pushing Daisies wrote and recorded C'Mon C'Mon, the Official Song of the 2006 Grey Cup for the Canadian Football League.  The single was played on major TV stations in Canada and the USA and released on radio in Canada.  

Sunday Wilde
From: Northern (Atikokan) ON
Song: I can’t shake that guy
Has had her music featured on Sirius XM radio
has received four ontario arts council awards for songwriting and recording

Delta Will
From: Toronto
Song: It All Glows

Mr Tasty
Song: Slow Down Baby

M 22
From: Vancouver BC
Song: Do Not Disturbe
this track from an album in 2009, also have another album from 2010

From: Toronto ON
This is their 3rd album
After a protracted absence, (2006)
Toronto’s Uncut—Jon Drew (drums), Chris McCann (guitar), Derek Tokar (bass, vocals) and Ian Worang (guitar, vocals)—have returned with their third album, Infinite Repeats, released by MB3 Records.
Recorded and mixed by drummer Jon Drew, who’s previously manned the console for Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club and Arkells

Jason Cudmore
From: Charlotown PEI
Song: Whisper in The Mirror

Show #24

Careless Ruler
From: BC Canada
Song: Your time is up
--music submit--

Heather Dore
From: BC Canada
Song: Cool and Careless

Teen Daze
Song: Listen
From BC

Absolutely Free
Song: Clothed Woman, Sitting
From: Toronto ON

Goatbox Rebel
From: Toronto ON (Originally from Montreal QC)
Song: Promised Land

From: Montreal, QC
Song: As Killers Breathe
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Track taken from debut album TRAITS OF THE SICK' on November 12th, which is mastered by ANNIHILATOR's guitarist Jeff Waters whom also makes a guest guitar solo on the 7th track on the album 'As Killers Breathe'.
Started out in the summer of 2009

Marvalous Beauhunks

Saturday Oct 19th: Mr Tasty playing at Molly Blooms

Persist is back from their tour with five finger death punch - finishing up their new album.  
Looking for funding assistance (links will be in notes) also on their twitter and FB pages

Septembro just released a new song :

The show was long over due when it was recorded.   The first show of year two.

IR Canada Show #23

Staggered Crossing
Song: Burgandy and Blue - cc jamendo
From: Toronto Ontario

Michael Logozar
Songs: This Joy
Born in Edmonton, spent many years in Calgary before moving to the US.    My music is featured on over 50+ international radio stations and several in Canada including the CBC Galaxie Spa channel. 
I knew as soon as i heard this new song on the new album it was going to be the track I would play. Its cheerful, lively, fun and such an inspiration.     

James Cameron
Song: Breath

Going Comando
Song: Coffee - cc jamendo
From: Vernon BC

Song: Born Again - cc jamendo
from Calgary AB

Ben’s Imaginary Band
Song: A Reason Why - cc jamendo
From: Edmonton AB

Dave and Carolin played Black Sheep on Show 267

The Easton Ellises
Song: Endorphin - CC jamendo
From: Montreal
Here’s a few of our (the band's) favorites:  ”Endorphin” was used in a 18 Camera HD Californian Drifting promotional video.   “Ersatz” was used into a promo video for Maxim Magazine in Miami. But the cherry on the sunday is, “Sex like Art”  in a “Victoria’s Secret” promotional video.

Lungs for Gills
Song: Stary Void - cc jamendo
From: Quebec

The Wind Whistles
Song: Man by Name of Denver - cc jamendo
From: Vancouver BC
Tom and Liza are the Wind Whistles and they live together in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. As an indie folk duo they both sing and both play acoustic instruments (guitar,bass).

IR Canada Show #22

Band: The Little Black Dress
From: Toronto Ontario
Song: Call the Paparazzi
Song: Spotlight
Song: Radio
They blend the rock and pop that they grew up on in the 90’s.

“We play music for countless reasons. It drives us. It excites us. It is our journey. It is our relief. It is our passion. It is our hobby. It is our job. It is our first love, our partner in crime, and it is our mistress.”

Band: Raised Emotionally Dead
From: Toronto
Song: Out of Control
Song: Messenger

Paulo Demelo aka Jezla: Lead vocals, keyboards
Carlos Demelo aka ZeeDee: Lead Rhythm Guitar, backup vocals, keyboards
Ed Ront aka Specializt: Lead Rythym Guitar
Matthew Hudson aka Nibz: Bass guitar, backup vocals
Nate Winspear aka Naz: Percussion, backup vocals
Tezz Wicca and Roxzie Rolla Backup vocals

Band: Lee Siegel
From: currently in Stratford Ontario originally from Manhattan NY, USA
Song: Change
Now a American AND Canadian Equity Union member, Lee proudly hails an extensive resume of acting, singing, writing, directing and composing credits, including: Jean ValJean, in LES MISERABLES, Judas in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, Old Deuteronomy in CATS, John in MISS SAIGON. Featured Roles in: The Canadian Premiere Cast production/tour of DREAMGIRLS. SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE, GREASE, MAN of LA MANCHA, WEST SIDE STORY, FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE, SEUSSICAL.... to name just a few.
On APRIL 6 2013 - Lee released his Debut ALBUM: "Where's The Orchestra" NOW AVAILALBLE on iTunes, and
A New York native, and a Canadian resident. Lee grew up singing, creating and submerged in the world of music and theatre.
Currently Lee is performing at the Stratford Festival, in Des McAnuff's revival of TOMMY! -- and Donna Feore's production of: Fiddler On The Roof. -- On April 6th, 2013 Lee released his DEBUT CD entitled: "Where's The Orchestra" .
TWITTER: @Lee_Siegel
INSTA-GRAM: Lee_Siegel

Band: Daniel Casavant
From: Montreal Québec
Song: When Time’s Runnin’ Out
Song: Park and Fly
Daniel Casavant has been composing music since taking up the acoustic guitar at the age of eight.
recently received an honorable mention from the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest.

Band: Nadia Dolce
From: Montreal Québec
Song: Remember
Born and raised in Montreal Québec, Nadia is fluent in French, Italian, English and some Spanish.
study classical vocal training and music theory at the McGill Conservatory of Music
Influenced by her musical idols such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Leona Lewis

Band: Blow Flyy
From: Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Song: Applause Remix
Song: That’s My Girl

Band: Carmen & Camille
From: Vancouver BC
Song: Neon Lights
Song: Without You
Juno Nominated  for their single Shine 4U
Carmen - Flute, Vocals, Music and Lyrics
Camille - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Music and Lyrics