Thursday, 24 October 2013

Show #24

Careless Ruler
From: BC Canada
Song: Your time is up
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Heather Dore
From: BC Canada
Song: Cool and Careless

Teen Daze
Song: Listen
From BC

Absolutely Free
Song: Clothed Woman, Sitting
From: Toronto ON

Goatbox Rebel
From: Toronto ON (Originally from Montreal QC)
Song: Promised Land

From: Montreal, QC
Song: As Killers Breathe
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Track taken from debut album TRAITS OF THE SICK' on November 12th, which is mastered by ANNIHILATOR's guitarist Jeff Waters whom also makes a guest guitar solo on the 7th track on the album 'As Killers Breathe'.
Started out in the summer of 2009

Marvalous Beauhunks

Saturday Oct 19th: Mr Tasty playing at Molly Blooms

Persist is back from their tour with five finger death punch - finishing up their new album.  
Looking for funding assistance (links will be in notes) also on their twitter and FB pages

Septembro just released a new song :

The show was long over due when it was recorded.   The first show of year two.

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