Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Bugcast

My first experience with a music podcast was through Caroline.  She told me about her husbands music Podcast, The Bugcast.  So one Friday afternoon (which was evening time for the UK) I sat down to listen.  Dave, back then was the only host.  He had a good clear speaking voice.  His choice of music and the amount of research he did with each artist astounded me!

 Some months later Caroline started hosting with Dave.  And what can I say.  The show got even better!   The two of them never let the listener down with their choice of songs.   There's always something for everyone on the show, and Dave & Caroline never fail to entertain everyone who is listening live.

I may not always get to listen live, but I do download and listen to ever single show.   I've even done a little blip for the show, and sent in recommendations.  I always look forward to what they will do each week.

Keep up the good work Dave & Caroline!


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