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Insomnia Radio Canada Show #3

Show #3

Songs: Can you, Take
Upcoming show October 26th in Guelph
Persist are based out of Guelph Ontario
They say that they are a 21st century rock band
K.C. Lee - vocals
Jerry Stro - Drums
Z (zed) - Rhythm guitars & vocals
Christian - guitar & vocals
KJ - bass & vocals

Scott McCord and the Bonafide Truth
Songs: Gotta Be Something, This Heart is on Fire
blues/jazz band
Scott McCord – lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Simon Craig – electric guitar
Charlie James – bass
Bryan Humphreys – drums, vocals
Todd Porter – baritone and tenor saxophones, vocals
Steve Dyte – trumpet
Christian Overton – trombone
David Atkinson – keyboards, vocals

The Caretakers
Songs: Oh Banyarwanda (ban-you-wanna), Solitary Man
From Hamilton Ontario
Roots, Folk-Country Rock/Alternative Country, Adult Alternative, Americana
Newest album was released in september 2012
Jeffrey C. Martin | Vocals, acoustic guitar
Lena Montecalvo | Vocals, tambourine, percussion
Mike Trebilcock | Lead guitar, banjo, harmonica, ukulele, mandolin
Carrie Ashworth | Bass
Dave Simpson | Drums
Barry Mac | Slide guitar
Kim Deschamps | Pedal steel
Jesse O’Brien | Piano, organ
Matt Coleman | Fiddle, violin
Norm Van Bergen | 12-string guitar

Capitol 6
Songs: Cold Ride, Autumn in the Wind
debut LP Pretty Lost was released in June of 2012
side project of Malcolm Jack
From Canada’s West Coast, Vancouver BC
Formed in 2011

Ali Bartlette
Songs: Alright by Me, Lay Me Down
From Hamilton Ontario
les cooper contributor
Ali says: the value of music is in the creating of music because it's a mindful process that wakes me up and animates my life with clarity and balance
alright by me:  is probably my favourite song because it has the most meaning attached to it for myself.  Its about a broken heart before its been broken....and about the complicated parts of love.  It's about that part of yourself that can't love but that is in love at the same time.  and regrets and is sentimental about the present before it's even become the past.
lay me down:  is just a love song.  i wrote the tune in the basement of a friends house as a joke and then turned it into what it is today with much cleaned up lyrics which had been greatly influenced by my great love at the time....and the farm where we stayed.

Song: D.T.N.A. featuring Koala-T
Currently from Stratford Ontario
Larissa Currah is a singer and musician originally from Tavistock, Ontario, but now resides in Stratford, Ontario. At a young age, Larissa was exposed to country music artists like Randy Travis and Shania Twain, which is where her love affair with music began.
Larissa started singing competitively at the age of 5 in local music festivals and has been awarded several prizes and recognitions for her vocal talent. Over the years, Larissa has also been involved in community theater and school productions of various musicals.
In 2000, Larissa was a semi-finalist in a local talent competition Youth Talent Search, where she performed at the Western Fair in London, Ontario. Larissa also auditioned for Canadian Idol at the London auditions in 2005 at the age of six-teen.
In 2011, Larissa collaborated with GAME Records artists BC and Conway of GAME Nation, N/A and Koala-t of D.A.B., and Nukky Grissom on the Stratford Shakespeare Festival's award winning season song "Show Time". The Stratford Shakespeare Festival and GAME Records were awarded a Bronze CMA (Canadian Marketing Award) for promotion under the Not-For-Profit, Fundraising, Public Service category.
Currently, Larissa is in the studio working on her own material set for a summer 2012 release. (delayed)


The original plan for the show was one show a month.  Why only one a month?  Because this is a hobby, and for fun, and work and other things need to come first.  However as I have had to put school on hold for a semester or two, I currently have a bit more free time.  So, my plan of monthly shows has turned into a bi-weekly show.  This will likely change again as I either find full time work or head back to the school.

On the good news side of things, I have been asked back to our local public school to help out the new music teacher.  Something I had been doing (for two years) after getting my layoff from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.  I was doing the job of an assistant music teacher, working mostly with the students who were learning to play flute and clarinet. I couldn't continue helping out when I started back to College, but with that being on hold it's something I'm looking forward to once again.


If you're a Canadain musica/band and would like to submit your track, I prefer MP3 and you can email them to chris  at  insomniaradio  dot  net

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