Sunday, 9 December 2012

IR Canada Show 6 - Not just the Blues

Show #6

We're just into month 4 of doing the show.   And this is show 6 already.  Had a bit of a slow down with a lack of new music, and a lack of time to really hunt music down.  I really need to expand my pool of resources for finding new stuff. So here's what we played this show.  It's the bare minimum of notes.

The Autumn Portrait
Song: Tired Love
From: Toronto ON theautumnportrait
www.twitter/autumnportrait theautumnportrait

Danielle Robert
Song: Je suis guerie

Verra City Waves
Song: Save Your Dignity
From:  Oshawa Ontario

Al Wood and The Woodsmen
Song: I Believe
Album: Right On Cue
From: Ottawa Ontario alwoodmusic pages/Al-Wood/26854559003

Abandon All Ships
Song:  Less Than Love
Song: Forever Lonley
From:  Toronto Ontario

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