Sunday, 10 February 2013

Upgrades: Bossjock & Irig

So after 10 Episodes of Insomnia Radio Canada I've started to research how to make the podcast better.   Currently I'm working on a slightly older PC, using audacity to record and edit and a Labtec C-324 headset/microphone.   I have an android tablet and an Iphone 4.  (I'm due for a phone upgrade likely this summer, and have been contemplating the Iphone 5, or the 4S depending on what I can get for upgrade.  I know for sure I need more memory as my current phone does not have enough with all the photo apps I have).

Recently on a discussion list someone brought up Bossjock.  Had anyone used it?   This lead me back to the IRig.  Which when I first saw adds for it I thought it was a neat piece of equipment but had no real use for it.

iRig sells for around $39.99
iRig Mix is $99.99
iRig Mic cast is $39.99
iRig Mic is $59.99
iRig MIDI is $69.99
The Bossjock app is $9.99 in Canada

I don't think the prices are outrageous for the quality of the equipment.  I know several local shops that carry the equipment so getting my hands on it would not be that hard.

So for those of you reading, I would love some feedback.  Do you use any of the equipment?   If not, what do you use and would you recommend it?  I would likely be upgrading in steps and continue using what equipment I have until I had everything I need.  

I know how I have things set up now I likely would not have a live show (or at least not one that runs so smoothly as the ones I do listen to).  And eventually I might want to try my hand at a live show.

Links for equipment listed in this blog
iRig Mix
iRig Mic cast
iRig Mic

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