Wednesday, 10 April 2013

From: Montreal
Song: Insomnia
Song: No Way Out
Founded in 2006 by drummer Joe Mullen and vocalist Tom Emmans, ODIUM was born in order to create a focused project centered on the themes of growth and attrition. After being joined by bassist Dale Burrows and guitarists Bo Louther and Andrew Fullerton, it was clear the band was quickly becoming a cohesive group of musicians that had found their strengths in each other’s abilities to contribute to the writing process.
Over the years, ODIUM has opened for such well known bands as Alexisonfire, The Agonist, Beneath the Massacre, Divinity, Moneen, Fuck the Facts, Fairwell to Freeway and Arise and Ruin.

The Michael Patrick Band
From: Windsor ON
Song: Welcome to My Life
Song: Do What you Want
These songs came from an album that was released June 2012.   The band toured with national acts Honeymoon Suite, Glass Tiger, and Mick Taylor from the Stones on his solo project to name a few.

Daniel Bryant
From: London ON
Song: I’ll Take Your Hand
Song: One More Chance
Played on IRC 5 (your eyes)
These two tracks from the New album  Mirror (light)
Out of the “Darkness” and into the “Light”...

       Daniel Bryant returns with the release of his sixth full length album,
“MIRROR”.  The double concept album, co-written and produced with Erien
Eady-Ward, skips effortlessly across musical genres as it leads us on an
emotional journey of redemption from “Darkness” to “Light”.
       The character driven concept behind the stories of MIRROR carries the
listener from uncomfortable worlds of pain and anger to an almost
spiritual rebirth of love and hope.
       As we experience MIRROR’s 2 hour musical odyssey, the compilation of 18
songs allows us a look into the lives of these characters, and at the
same time, encourages a reflection on our own lives.

A Tribe Called Red
From: Ottawa ON
Song: Native Puppy Love
Song: Electric PowWow Drum
A Tribe Called Red is Bear Witness, DJ Shub and Dee Jay NDN. They're the innovators behind "Pow Wow Step". Get their free album at
In 2008, DJ’s NDN and Bear Witness founded A Tribe Called Red. In 2010, they added two-time Canadian DMC champ, DJ Shub to the crew. Electric Pow Wow is a monthly club night dedicated to showcasing Aboriginal DJ talent and Native urban culture and is aimed at creating a space for Aboriginal people. ATCR creates an eclectic sound made up of a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, Electronic, and their own mash-up of club and Pow Wow music, known as Pow Wow Step. You can catch Electric Pow Wow every month on the second Saturday at Babylon nightclub in Ottawa, Canada.

From: London ON
Song: Last Man Standing
Song: Drtyprty
"From the ashes of Huron County funk/punk/soul outfit Bastid Sonz comes alt/electro/pop duo DNSQ3 who’ve just released their debut EP, Is Anyone Out There?

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