Friday, 17 August 2012

Start my Own Podcast????

I've been guest hosting on The Justin Wayne Show now for, um, how long?   I know I've done several shows, and I can say that I'm rather enjoying this.  I've been motivated not just as a host but as a musician to seek out more new music.  I've found some rather amazing bands, and quite a few are local.  

I've had a few people ask me if and or when I would be starting my own show.   

Should I ?

Where do I start?  I have no clue what the next step should be!  


I'd love to hear from other podcasters on where/how you got started and any advice or suggestions you might have for me should I choose to go forward and start my own show.


  1. Best advice I can give you Chris: start small and grow. I started WAY too big and it all came crashing down. Much better to start small and begin to tailor your show to the audience you gather.

  2. I agree with Justin !
    Start small (6/8 tracks, that's about a 30 minutes show), start slow (one episode every other week), take the time to find good songs, don't rush. If you don't have enough material for one episode, postpone !
    Use the tools you're most familiar with, and if you're not familiar with any, take the time to learn one.
    And, most of all : enjoy yourself !!! If you don't, your listeners will know !

  3. Go for it. My first shows were only 15 minutes long with opinions about news of the day. I agree with both Justin and Yannick, start slow and small - get the feel for it - and expand. I'm sure you will have a group of devout listeners in no time.

  4. Yes you should start your own Podcast, you would be great!

  5. Echoing the others about grow slow and also to only play the music that you think has real merit. Episodes are around for a long time, so don't look back regretting playing anything.
    Keep it regular, the self-discipline will drive you towards a professional attitude and justified pride in the crafts of presentation and production.
    No matter how few or many downloads you get, your audience is typically one, so speak to him or her.
    Be yourself. Trying to be anyone else is futile, they are all taken.
    Disclaimer: It may be that none of the above work for you, but make it fun finding out.