Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Vacation, and Post Vacation

So I was away for two weeks.  And a long hot two weeks it was.  We drove south to a camp ground near Slippery Rock PA, USA.  Why there?  You see I have this odd hobby.  I'm part of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).   And the event we went to was one of the largest events of the year.  

Two weeks of camping very primitively, doing food shopping every few days for 14 people the first few days and then our group of 28 the 2nd week.  Participating in the full contact fighting the 2nd week.  Which is one of my favorite parts.  Especially the woods battle.  

But one of the biggest highlights was meeting new musicians.  The Whiskey Bards These guys are fantastic.  They're a quartet.  Three tenors and a bass.  Their harmonies are just fantastic.  I was lucky enough to hear them perform, and then part of a group that convinced them to come sing at a bonfire.   (though we only got three of them to the bonfire).  The group has graciously given me permission to play their music and I plan on doing just that.  So there's something for everyone to look forward to!

So The Wiskey Bards are: Jonathan Hopf AKA Yonatan von Schwartzfleck, OL Stephen Hoogerwerf AKA Tonis van Driele, OL Christopher Lyon AKA Simon MacFhearchair, OL Nevin Phull AKA Cosimo Orsini, KSCA. Primarily Acapella, but sometimes including a variety of instruments. Based out of Tucson, Arizona,

So, I've been home almost two weeks now, and I still feel like I'm recovering from vacation.  Funny as that sounds, unless you've been to Pennsic, you just won't get it.  

Anyways I have two shows to get ready, so off I go.....

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