Sunday, 2 September 2012

Podcasting Tools?

Okay, this is more of a bunch of questions... directed towards other podcasters.

What tools do you use?   What would you recommend?   What tools would you tell others to avoid?

We currently only Have windows based PC's in our house.   No mac, no linux.  (I know I know....)....

I'm not having any big issues finding music....  I'm on Jamendo, Soundcloud and reverbnation.  I listen to other podcasts.

So far I've been keeping it small...  5 to 10 songs most times when I do stuff for Justin Wayne's show.  I've been using my Iphone voice memo to record vocal bits.   It was all I had starting out.

I'm trying to explore all options before settling on any decision.   It's not like I have a time limit and have to start this today!


  1. Audacity is a great tool to begin with, it's opensource and free, and works on a lot of plateform. It has a great noise reduction plugin, and also a great compressor plugin - that you'll need to download separatly.

  2. This is the one program I have gotten. Now to figure it all out!