Monday, 10 September 2012

Insomnia Radio Canada

That's right folks!  Insomnia Radio Canada ! Yes, I have joined the IR family and will be doing my own regional show.  The plan is to have a monthly one hour show featuring all Canadian content.   Though down the road I reserve the right to consider doing the show more often.

When's the first show?   Well, being as I've picked up a cold that has killed my voice for the past 12+ hours, I'll be recording it as soon as I can get it back.  In the mean time, soon as I have my college homework done (setting up 4 Vm's (windows web and mail server & an ex client, and then two database servers - to specks for the class), I will be seeing what music I have, and searching for some more!

Canadian Musicians and Bands can submit their music to me via: chris at insomniaradio dot net

In the mean time, check out The Justin Wayne Show and see what content I provided there.