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Insomnia Radio Canada: Show #2

That's right folks I couldn't wait until October to put out show two!  Two weeks.  That's all I could wait.  

Insomnia Radio Show #2

This show is jam packed full of good tunes!

Ophilia Syndrome

To quote from their web site: 
Ophelia Syndrome is a unique blend of rock, folk, and jazz with a pop sensibility. Hailing from Hamilton, Cambridge, and Toronto ON, OS formed in the winter of 2002, when Trina Nadeau (cello) and Deanna Wells (vocals, and keyboards) met during their studies in the Mohawk College Music Performance program. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane, and Josh Kohler filled out the lineup on drums, bass, and backing vocals.
In 2008, the band entered Catherine North Studios to record their “Shades of Grey” EP with the late Dan Achen and Michael Chambers. In the vein of the singer-songwriter,”Shades of Grey” showcased the bands rare instrumentation, powerful vocals, and seemless ability to traverse and blend genres into their own sound. The EP was released May 2009 and spent 4 weeks on C101 Top 30. OS embarked on several small tours of Southern Ontario in support of the EP, visiting Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough, Kitchener, Guelph, and Waterloo, as well as playing regular shows in Hamilton, Oakville, and Toronto. OS also appeared at The Cambridge Arts Festival, and as a headliner at The Art of Sound Festival in 2010. Due to the success of ‘Shades of Grey’, OS succesfully fan-funded their debut full length album “All Things Forgotten” through, raising approximately $16,000 in support of the album. The band is a regular top 5 artist on, allowing OS to gain fans globally in Brazil, The UK, France, Germany, Austrailia, New Zealand, and most notably the Netherlands. With hundreds of new expetent fans, 2 years of refined new material, and the addition of Andrew Barbisan on guitar, lap steel, and backing vocals, OS approached ‘all things forgotten’ as a chance to reinvent their experimental sound to deliver a truly memorable album. Blending male and female vocal harmonies, vintage organ, Wurlitzer, and Rhodes keyboards, strings, lap steel, and even muted trumpted performed by Loretta Hale on Long Wait, “all things forgotten” has a haunting and timeless texture. Recorded and co-produced by Michael Chambers at Catherine North, the album was released in Europe in the autumn of 2011, and was followed by the bands first European tour in the Summer of 2012.
I quite enjoyed this group.  Exchanging emails with them before I recorded the show.  They were fantastic to work with and co-ordante things with and I would happily play new material from them if they send it!


  • Passing time
  • Long Wait

Spring Tour Dates:
  • 13 March 2013. Montreal, Quebec. Details To be announced.
  • 14 March 2013. Ottawa, Ontario. The Elmdale House Tavern. 1084 Wellington Street West. With Amanda Cottreau. 9:30. PWYC. 19+.

Delhi 2 Dublin

To quote the bio on their page: After all…where else are you going to see a kick-ass fiddle player rocking out with a kilt-wearing Korean flanked by two bouncing Bhangra percussionists and a vocalist who looks like he would be at home in a Bollywood music video?
I first heard this band on a TV show, Lost Girl during season season 1 I believe.  If your from Canada you can watch past episodes on their web site.  They also have a full listing on music that has been played on the show.

The band:

  • Tarun Nayar – tabla, electronics
  • Sara Fitzpatrick – fiddle
  • Sanjay Seran – vox
  • Andrew Kim – electric sitar, guitar
  • Ravi Binning – dhol


  • Master Crowly
  • Tommy


  • 2008 – Delhi 2 Dublin
  • 2009 – Remixed
  • 2010 – Planet Electric
  • 2011 – Planet: Electrified
  • 2011 – Delhi 2 Dubland
  • 2012 – Turn Up the Stereo

The Town Heroes

Location Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ca


  • Shadowman
  • I’ll think about it
Quoting the info page on their web site: The Town Heroes are a Halifax based alt-rock power duo crafting catchy, lyrical, hard-hitting and anthemic songs that sound like a party you wish you were at.  I really wish these guys had more on their web page.  


Panicland is a pop punk band from East Kildonan in Winnipeg, Manitoba consisting of Braedon Horbacio, Jason Cumming, and Ian Willmer, all 16 years of age. They first got together in 2007 through a music program at Marschell’s Music. I could hear influences in their music that I would wager came from Greeen Day.  I think these boys have potential and look forward to seeing what they can come up with next. 


  • Don’t Pretend I’m not useless
  • Look At That

The Natural Shocks

I really couldn't find much out there about this group.  (Hint hint boys, update your sites).  


Jim, Jeff & Andrew


  • Change
  • Daydream

All Else Fails

From: Edmonton Alberta
BARRETT KLESKO: Vocals, Guitars, Programming
To quote their website:
Socially conscious, lyrically poetic, rife with apocalyptic symbolism; All Else Fails is poised to take our world by storm. Playing an aggressively dark blend of Punk, Metal, and Rock, this well established Edmonton based band breaks the traditional ideals of their genre by producing music infused with experimental elements, incorporating Classical music, Electronica influenced synth lines, and spoken word sampling. This is metal for a new audience, one that’s ready for what’s beyond the ordinary.


  • Seminol Wind
  • I don’t Wanna be me

Two Crown King

Goodchild, Ajay, Scotty, Pat, Jer, and Dick
These guys are from London Ontario.  I discovered them in the spring of 2012, when I mentioned hunting for new indie type bands to a class mate at Fanshawe College.  They had many tour dates this summer and sadly I did not make it to a single show!  I have played some of their songs on the Justin Wayne Show over the summer, and Justin liked this one tune that he played it again.  It's catchy, and I love closing the show with a bang.
Free album on web site


  • We Get Down
So that folks is show number two.   I'd love to get feedback.  I know there's a few sound issues, and I'm still working on those..... And as always I'm looking for more bands, more songs, and working on the next show.

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