Thursday, 20 September 2012

IR Canada Show #1

How exciting!  The first show has been recorded and posted!  Total recording time was just under an hour.

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For Episode #1 I featured six different bands and eleven songs!

First up I played two tracks by Pigeon Park.  They're from Vancouver British Columbia. (The most western province in Canada).  The band was formed in 2008.  Band members include Nick Weber on vocals, Kevin Okabe on guitar, Logan Pacholok on guitar and vocals, Arthur Leppart on Bass and Hunter Elliott on Drums.
Their Debut Record "The Sun" was released in 2010.  They had submitted track to the main show, and one of their tracks was played on Insomnia Radio Daily Dose.  I enjoyed their music, and didn't let them being featured on the Daily Dose stop me from playing them.

Pigeon Park
Love Light

Up Next I played a more solo artist.   Matthew is from Hamilton Ontario.  The tracks I played were from his most recent record "Colour Film".  This was his third album.  His debut album was released in 2006. 

Matthew de Zoete
The Good Life
Going No Where

Up next was the band Unlikely Hero.  They're from Orangville Ontario.  These guys also submitted track to the main show.  I went out and found them on a few sites, and checked them out for myself, but after listening to their tracks there was no way I could not play them. 
The band includes: Sean Emo on Guitar, Piano and Voclas.  Tyler Emo on Lead Guitar, Nathan McMahon on Bass, and Dawson Noble on Drums.  
The band was formed in 2009 by Sean and Tyler and Nathan & Dawson joined them in the summer of 2012.  

If you're in the Barrie area September 27 2912 please wander out to the Barrie fall fair!  Show the band some support as they perform at the battle of the bands! 

Unlikely Hero
Welcome to The Good Life
Unlikely Hero

With this next track I got to feature it's debut on any podcast.  I came across this track on Facebook, where Shane's mom kept reposing it as she was that proud of what her son had written.  Shane is 17 and has been playing music since he was 3.  He's from Stratford Ontario, and currently still in Highschool.  Shane wrote the music, and lyrics for this song, as well as played the guitar and sung the song himself.  I have no doubt that if Shane were to write more, I'd play his music.  


Up next I played a group that I had played on The Justin Wayne Show. They're from Richmond British Columbia. I have enjoyed their entire first album, and as always with them, had a hard time picking two songs that fit with this show. 
The band formed in May of 2008.  There are 4 band members.  Alvin Man on lead vocals, keys and rhythm guitar, Angelo Yue on lead guitar & back up vocals, Andrew Choy on bass and Manuel Lee on Drums.  With the first song Puppet I loved how the song started with simple piano, and then added in vocals.  Then drums... I really liked how they layered and built up the song.  Yet keeping it mostly simple.  The guirtar and bass join in and it just flowed naturally.  

Chasing Eidolon
You Can't Have Everything CC Hits Vote for this Track

Automatic Toys is a Duo, based out of Toronto Ontario.  Nachum Peterseil and Yasha Gruzman.  The formed their heavy rock electronic sounding group in 2008. Their Debut EP was released in 2001.  They too had submitted their track to the main IR show.  I listened to the two tracks they sent in about a week before I recorded the show and have not been able to get Dancing with the Devil out of my head yet!  It's not often I get a song stuck in my head like that.  It even made it's way onto my play list for when I go out jogging.  It's the new "power song" that gets me moving.  I would love to be able to see these two live.  

Automatic Toys
Deep Sleep
Dancing With The Devil

And that's it for the first show!  I had a goal of about 1 hour record time and came in just under that.  I plan to make this a monthly show, with each show being around one hour in length.  As always I'm happy to review track or albums from ANY Canadian artist regardless of Genre of music. 

You can drop off your track to:  chris  at  insomniaradio  dot  net 

Please include a band bio, and a statement that you are giving me permission to play those tracks! 

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