Monday, 17 June 2013

Show 15 - I'm Back

Show 15 - I'm Back

Wilton Said
From: Toronto ON
Song:Endorphin Crash

Wilton Said: Vocals, Keyboards and Kazoo
Chris Reid : Guitars
Richard Rizzo: Drums
Debashish Ray: Bass

From: Burnaby, British Columbia
Song: Adios Barcelona
Song: Loved and Lost
Found through Music Submit

Villa Kang & Hazy Mountains
From: Toronto ON
Song: New Wings

The Good Fridays
From: Hamilton ON
Song: The Ferret Song
Peter Turik- Bass, lead vox
Alex Kanaan- Guitar
Byron Patterson- Guitar
Brendon Downey- Synth
Josh Curley- Drums

Marble Lion
From: Montreal
Song: Old Man

Marble Lion is a Montreal based band 
members are:
Jeremy Jacobson, Jordan Juras, and Karl Thelen.  
Both Jeremy and Karl come from the Chicago-land area, whileJordan hails from a small town near Windsor, Ontario.
The three members met while attending McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.  The band initially came together in September 2011 after a summer of long distance musical exchanges.  In late December of that year, Marble Lion released their Foliage EP, which they recorded and released on their own. The EP was mastered with the help ofTaylor Smith of BRAIDS. Their guitar-based arrangements incorporate drony loops, sampled beats, and live percussion into an eerie blend of post-rock and witch house.
The trio is currently continuing to play shows in the Montreal area as well as cities outside of the province both in Canada and the United States.  Marble Lion recently released a single titled “Old Man”, with an accompanying video.  Playing shows is a big part of the band’s activity, but they are now focusing on putting together a full album for future release.

Whoa! She’s A Babe
Song: Down Below
From: Vancouver BC

This band of brothers is comprised of Ryan Goodwin (Vocals), Graham Pence (Guitar), Jordon Irwin (Guitar) and Ryan Steward (Drums)

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