Monday, 17 June 2013

Show 16 -

Show 16

Moment of Inertia
Song: Wrecking Ball
From: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Pat Pelletier - Vocals
Peter Lockhart - GuitarVocals
Jeff Lockhart - Bass
Randy Ross - Drums

Song: Human Factor
From: Ukraine & Canada
Ummagma began in 2003 as an affair with love and sound in Moscow, where Alexx and Shauna were living. They met at an acoustic guitar concert, their relationship developing into a marriage and the musical partnership we know today as Ummagma.
a Canadian-Ukrainian duo comprised of Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon
Described as being a Ukrainian-Canadian duo serving up a generous scoop of easy positive music laced with a richly layered soundscape and sublime resonance
Alexx handles composition, all instruments, arrangement and vocals, as well as recording, mixing, mastering and video production, while Shauna McLarnon deals with vocals, composition, lyrics and band management. For Alexx, making music began in childhood in the recently free post-Soviet Ukraine. Shauna’s songwriting experience began with solo compositions while studying in Russia's Siberia and Moscow and living in northern Canada. Sasha is originally from Kremenets, a town in western Ukraine, and Shauna is from Whitehorse, Yukon in northern Canada.  

Guy Major
Song: Another Worthless Day
I'm an Ottawa, ON singer songwriter.

The S.I.N.
Song: Lovesong
From: Edmonton AB
Founded by Will Milano in 2006, THE S.I.N. had a number of "p/t" members and writers until May 2011,
when Diamond D joined the ranks. After struggling to maintain a f/t bass player, Michael Stafford joined
the ranks of THE S.I.N. in January 2012, thus completing the circle of power.

THE S.I.N. has recently completed recording 2 new songs (Lovsong and Nothing Left) with Phil Anderson
of Powersound Studios in Edmonton Alberta Canada and will be shooting a video for Lovsong at the end
of November 2012. Look for an EP to be released in the first half of 2013!

The Good Friday
Song: The Ferret Song
From: Ontario Canada
This is the bands first single. They are an Indie Electro Funk band.
Peter Turik- Bass, lead vox
Alex Kanaan- Guitar
Byron Patterson- Guitar
Brendon Downey- Synth
Josh Curley- Drums

The Garuud Effekt
Song: Cut Me
Song: Believe
From: Toronto Ontario
he project of Singer/Songwriter, Marti Christopher.  Its purpose is to assist the evolution of mankind through its most redeemable quality, its limitless creativity. Marti was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

Navy Skies
Song: Cut My Teeth
From: Toronto Ontario
Originally forming in 2012 under the name Rebel Rebel, the band was the successor to chief songwriter Travis Caine’s solo project, Travis Caine & The Lasting Effect. The lineup consists of Travis Caine (vocals and guitar), Kara Gauthier (keys), Bryan Wyshnicki (guitar), Paul Cope (drums), and Gary Hazelton (bass).

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