Monday, 12 November 2012

Heather Dale

So some of you may recognize the name in the title.   Heather Dale.  I've known Heather for 15+ years now.  I've watcher her musical career grow.  Her vocal skills never fail to amaze me.

On November 11th, I was able to make it to Hamilton Ontario and enjoy Heather's Celtic Christmas show.  I was also able to record the show, though I have not yet had the time to go back and listen to the audio and see if it is podcast worthy yet.

As musicians, Heather and Ben have done something amazing.   They've put together a project.  They're calling it the Perpetual Gift.  What is it?   An album of their music that they are encouraging their fans to down load, burn CDs and share with as many people as they can.  Or share the music files, or send people to the web site to get the CD.   So if you want to....   Perpetual Gift That's the link for the music...  or you can just goto Heathers page and look around.   Heather Dale

I'd love to recommend if you're in North America that you check out the upcoming tour dates and see her live.  Tour Dates

It's been many years since I've seen Heather perform live, and not at an SCA event.  Last time it was just Heather, her Piano and I think.  She has a few new albums out that I will be getting should I make it to her show in Waterloo Ontario on December 8th.  Maybe I'll record again with video!

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