Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Insomnia Radio Show 4 - Doing it ALL myself

IR Canada Show 4

Well, this week things are a bit exciting. I'm actually uploading the show myself and posting show notes myself. As well, we're trying something new this week. Bedding music, and playing creative commons music and submitting it to CC Hits!

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Band:  The Rosy Red
Songs: Cavin’ In, Cloud Day
The Rosy Reds  are four 22-23 year olds from Brantford Ontario. Real rock n roll kids just trying to stay out of trouble and play exciting music.

Brandon Rose on bass and vocals
Cliff Rutherford on drums
Jordan Reuben on lead guitar and vocals
Keith Moffat on rhythm guitar.

The songs you heard were live off the floor with no click track and over dubbed vocals.  While recording cavin' part of the ceiling caved in and nearly killed us.  The rest of our songs will be recorded completely live to get our real sound and vibe.

I enjoyed the older sound this group had. They were full of energy and it was hard not to get up and dance while listening to their music. I hope they keep doing exactly what they're doing now because the music is great!  The image below the band shared with it. Its from when they were recording the song "Cavin' In" The roof litterally did try to cave in on them.


Band: SoundSwitch
Songs: High, Smile


Formed in 2006, SoundSwitch consists of friends Darren Trudeau and Rob Stewart.

They first met at the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada in the mid 90's.  After a promise to record together seriously after a some fun, yet promising ‘practice’ recordings in college, they lost touch.

A decade passed, when by chance, Rob, a pianist and recording engineer, and Darren a touring guitarist and singer met up again and decided once and for all to join together to record their first EP "Run" in 2010.  A full length second album "Walk Into Now" was released in 2012.

SoundSwitch is a fusion of the talents that Darren and Rob each bring to the table.  Darren had a long history as a touring musician, and Rob had recorded and mastered music for many artists over the years.  Their juxtaposition of live performance and recording studio viewpoints brings them a unique sound.

They recorded a carefully selected group of cover tunes that reflect their most formative years (the 70’s and 80’s) as well as original songs that take on the same feel, albeit with a modern, yet retro feel.  The covers are not purely "remakes".  SoundSwitch seeks to breath new life into classic songs by imparting their own unique character and high production value to each piece of music they produce.

Both Rob and Darren are multi-instrumentalists, and depending on the song, it could be Darren on the drums, Rob on the acoustic guitar, or Darren on Bass and Rob on the keyboards.  “Whatever feels right and whatever works for the song” is their method of operation.

And SoundSwitch supports artists across the board. Every cover that SoundSwitch produces is licenced via LimeLight.com, ensuring that the original composers and publishers of the songs continue to benefit from any future sales realised through SoundSwitch's efforts.

Band: Michael Logozar (logo-Tzar)
Songs: Awakening, Linger
Born in Edmonton, spent many years in Calgary before moving to the US.    My music is featured on over 50+ international radio stations and several in Canada including the CBC Galaxie Spa channel.      My current release, "Time" has been in the charts at zonemusicreporter.com most of the year.

I found Michale's music to be simply beautiful, stunning, wonderful, emotional and so many other things. I was thrilled when I got to listen to his music and share it with everyone. I really hope that he keeps composing and sharing music with the world.

Band: The Silence Industry
Songs: The Teeth Of Tomorrow, The Edge Of Illusion

The Silence Industry was started by Graham Jackson after releasing three albums as Droom which had a similar sound though still different in its own right. The Silence Industry does not have a record label, it is distributed free via the internet through its MySpace page by Graham himself. All of the material is available for download.

4 albums available on Jamendo under creative commons

  To Vote for The Edge of Illusion

Band: 22Hertz
Songs: Is This Real, Detonate
22Hertz are a new band out of Toronto, Canada. We are frantically working on getting our debut album finished. At the moment we all still have full time jobs so things may not get done as fast as they could.

Bedding Music:  Michale Logozar
Songs: The River, The Sun Will Shine

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