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IR Canada Show 5

How amazing is it? Show 5 and I'm only 3 months into doing the show. This show was a lot of fun to put together. It features 11 artists/bands and 12 songs. There are also quite a few CC hits songs that I forgot to mention during the show, but links are here if you'd like to go vote for them!

IR Canada 5 Show Notes

Band: Glo
Song: Don’t Believe
From: Montreal QC

Eddie: Bass Guitar and Keys
Patrick: drums
Rick: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Band: Brad Sucks
Song: Making Me Nervous
From: Ottawa Ontario

Turcotte opened his website in 2002 with the intention of producing "open source music". His self-produced single, Brad Sucks One, included the audio source files used to create the finished files, and later he posted these source files to his website along with the mp3s.

Band: Bryon Tosoff
Song: Share the Love
From:White Rock, British Columbia, CA
Truth is in the Music we write. It is like the Reflections of our spirit whether it is bright or dark.
Bryon Tosoff a composer/performer/teacher of various genre of music. His interests include jazz,blues, southern rock and country music

Band: Daniel Bryant
Song: Your Eyes
From: London Ontaio

Daniel grew up wanting to be a singer.   Originally from Oshawa Ontario, he moved to London for grade 9. The following year he picked up a pen and started to try writing music.  And that’s where things started.  Years later, his dream still mostly a secret in 2004 when he finally let other people listen to some of his song.  When they complimented his singing, he thought they were just being nice.  Those reactions from people eventually gave Daniel the confidence he needed to put together an album and release it.  In 2005 he released 21 years and counting.  Then in 2006 he released Every Town.
Daniel’s full discography and biography are on his web site.
Currently if you head over to Facebook, and like his page, he has a free MP3 to download.  

Band: Unicite
Song: Melody
From: Montreal QC

Born on earth. Children of nature and peace. Blended  with computers, wires and waterhood.
Working with heart, fingers and a mental airplane, collecting samples.
Virtually marching our world around, listing. Sharing is easy, creating is positive.
Everyone down here have something to discover from each other.

Band: Chasing Eidolon
Song: Supernaova
From: Richmond BC

Alvin Man - Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar/ Keyboard
Angelo Yue - Lead Guitar/ Back-Up Vocals
Andrew Choy - Bass Guitar
Manuel Lee - Drums

Chasing Eidolon was formed in May 2008. We spent most of the summer rehearsing and writing original material as well as playing a few shows. We just finished recording our debut EP in November.

From the start we were not locked into the idea that our music had to sound a certain way or fit into an already established niche. Instead we decided to write and play any type of music that appealed to us. The four of us are of Asian descent but were born and/or grew up in Canada. We each enjoy different types of music and we find that this lends a diversity in sound that is evident in our songs.

Band: Jamie Rumley
Song: Thank You
From: West St Paul MB

For as long as she can remember, Jamie Rumley heard her parents playing the music of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and The Rolling Stones around their home in the small community of West St. Paul, MB. Before long she was singing in Church and School choirs and later playing the bass guitar, piano and alto saxophone (which earned her several awards at a young age). But her inspiration to pick up the guitar and begin penning her own music came from listening to artists like Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin and The Cranberries.
She has come a long way since those choir days. After completing an Audio Engineering Program in 2002, Rumley wrote, recorded and produced her debut album Out of the Ordinary. The first single, ”Anywhere But Here,” is still a fan favourite and ended up being featured on her next project, which did not arrive until several years later.
After a long hiatus from music making, she found her way back to her roots in 2008 and recorded her follow-up album: an EP entitled Renovations. Produced by Adam Halstrom (Pollution Lake Sound) and featuring six songs which could all be categorized in dierent genres, the project ties together surprisingly well and was received with open arms in Canada and all over Europe. After the release of Renovations came a spring “Compilation Tour” of Western Canada with fellow Winnipegger, Lindsey White, who also contributed lead guitar to the project.
Three years later Rumley has written yet another entirely new collection of songs. Her latest offering, What Are You Waiting For, was recently released in Canada and sees her moving in a fresh direction with the help of long time producer Adam Halstrom. Rumley collaborates again with White (piano/vocals), as well as a Toronto based artist who co-wrote the single “Back to You,” with the multi-talented Halstrom contributing bass, drums, vocals, guitar and some piano. Clearly her most polished effort to date, What Are You Waiting For contains ten well crafted and neatly produced songs spanning several musical genres; all distinctly ‘Jamie Rumley.’ Ranging from straight forward rock to dreamy folk-pop to suped up versions of classic folk, the album combines elements of all her influences painted on an edgier indie rock backdrop that demands an attentive ear through and through. Jamie Rumley’s bittersweet lyrics and diverse music might remind you of her favorite artists but her uniqueness makes her a genre all her own.

Band: Trench Town Oddities
Song: Never Let You Fall
From: Cornwall, Ontario, CA

Sean - Vox, Guitars
Bix - Guitar, Vox
Kev - Bass
Shane - Drums, percussion
Formed in early 2005, the Trench Town Oddities are the brainchild of Sean Harley, a reformed rocker who's past claims to fame include sharing the stage with some of North America's biggest acts (Sum41, April Wine, L.A. Guns, Voi Vod, ect), recording in world class studios (Metalworks, Phase One, Distortion), as well as having music picked up by various TV Shows (Witchblade), extreme sports videos
(Snowmobiling Canada), and TV Appearances (Tom Green)."Its amazing what we've accomplished over such a short period of time" states Harley, he adds "The funny part is that this project was meant only to be a way to have fun without the pressures of trying to be the next big thing. We never really planned on writing our own material, it just sort of happened." And happened it did. During the early stages of the band, because they didn't have enough material to play an entire evening, Harley and ex percussion/drummer Randy Lalonde would often fill in the night by jamming on original compositions from Harley. The new members of the band are Kevin Gibeau on bass, Shave Levac on Drums and BIX on lead guitar liked the songs so much that they convinced Harley to record them as a band and see how they turn out. So, on a cold December night, armed with their instruments, a case of their favorite beverage and some super hot Kettle Chips, the boys entered Silver Nichol Studios and proceeded to bang out 2 songs, "Never Let You Fall" and "Working Again". Both songs were completed that evening. Unsure what to do with these songs the band proceeded to burn copies of the songs onto CDs and hand them out for free at their shows. The reaction was immediate and overwhelming; people seemed to really enjoy this breath of fresh air the Oddities were injecting into their music. So, spurred on by the re-action of the "one night experiment", the Oddities casually set into action a plan to have a completed debut CD by early 2007. And, true to form, the Oddities proceeded in their trade mark laid back fashion and completed the CD in 8 months.

So, with the release date of "Days & Nights" quickly approach, this band of misfits can't help but be pleased with the way things are developing. Their song "Working Again" has remained on the charts at popular music site since early September 2006 and continues to climb the Folk Rock and Pop charts. They have also recently been selected for the latest round of Clear Channel Music's NEW! program, which is a online showcasing on Clear Channels "Hits" oriented radio's websites. Between their band website and the very popular, the band has garnered in excess of over 2000 fans from all over the world. Finally, both "Working Again" and "Never Let You Fall" have both been picked up by publishing companies Pump Audio and Noteborn Music, who's clients include MTV, Nike, ABC, Spike TV, IBM, and many others.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the Trench Town Oddities but one thing is for sure, if the last year is any indication of what they can expect, these boys are in for one heck of a ride!

For further information, visit the Days & Nights promotional website which includes streaming of the release in its entirety, videos for the first 2 singles, high resolution pictures, logos, contact info and much more….http

Band: Jesse Polk-Lewis
Song: Prison of the Mind
From: Hamilton Ontario

Band: Pete Lesperance
Song:What are you Waiting For
Song: Love Someone

Pete Lesperance, is a multi-faceted musician/writer/producer based in Toronto, Canada, who until recently was best known for his prowess as a world-renowned guitarist and half of the songwriting force behind international recording group Harem Scarem. A former Warner Music artist, Pete has successfully transitioned into writing, producing and mixing and works out of his studio Hope Sound in Toronto.

Band: Heather Dale
Song: Fortune
From: Toronto ON

CC Hits
Jesse Polk-Lewis -  Prison of the Mind
Jamie Rumley - Thank You
Unicite -  Melody
Chasing Eidolon - Supernaova

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