Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Daniel Bryant's New Relase!

I played Daniel on a previous Insomnia Radio Canada Show.   He recently release a new album.  I've been lucky enough to preview several songs on this album and the tracks I've listened to are excellent.  I quite enjoy Daniels's voice.  And he's Canadian! 

I will be playing two track from the new album on a show not too far in the future. 

Go here to check out Daniel and the new album:

Out of the “Darkness” and into the “Light”...

        Daniel Bryant returns with the release of his sixth full length album,
“MIRROR”.  The double concept album, co-written and produced with Erien
Eady-Ward, skips effortlessly across musical genres as it leads us on an
emotional journey of redemption from “Darkness” to “Light”.
        The character driven concept behind the stories of MIRROR carries the
listener from uncomfortable worlds of pain and anger to an almost
spiritual rebirth of love and hope.
        As we experience MIRROR’s 2 hour musical odyssey, the compilation of 18
songs allows us a look into the lives of these characters, and at the
same time, encourages a reflection on our own lives.

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