Tuesday, 1 January 2013

IR Canada Show 7 - Starting the New Year with A Bang

Show 7 is up and full of kicking tunes. 12 songs, 6 groups. And my first show as a member of AMPed. All in all a great way to start off the new year.

Find Show 7 Here

Opium Parlour
From: Toronto Ontario
Song:Devil Stands Next to me
Song:Monster in the Basement
Nitasha- Lead Vocals/Lyricist
Soum- Guitar/Lyricist/Vocals
Nick (Gunnz)- Drums/Percussion
Steven (Master Zen)- Bass
Jeet- Keys
Opium Parlour is a Toronto-based rock band that started with a backwards journey where words came first and melodies came second. Lead vocalist, Nitasha lent her poems to her friend Soum who picked up his dust covered guitar and played an instant melody and a great musical team was formed ever since. Former band guitarist Waleed joined in on the start of Opium Parlour's journey in 2010 and the band has been through many changes in a short period of time. Ever since its inception, the band has experimented with various styles of music including but not limited to hard rock, blues and psychedelia. In 2011 the band grew more complete with the addition of Nick on the drums where they gained a great friend and some cool percussion to their melodies, and in 2012 Steven joined in on the bass to complete the band they are known as today, Opium Parlour. The band has written over an album worth of material so far and are driven by a crazy obsession to create music that is reminiscent of a time when rock was felt and born from the soul.
Monster in the basement - chosen for the catchy base line opening.

Opium Parlour contacted me through the IR Canada facebook page. I quite liked their sound. Nitasha has a voice that is reminiscent of Joplin.
The Years
From: St. Catharines Ontario
Song: Back to Basics
Song: Casualties

Kevin Hodgkins - Lead Vocals, guitar
Jeremy Randell - Drums
Brad Neufeld - Bass, Backing Vocals
Adam Trasatti- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

This group is sharing their album for free on their main web page.   They submitted track to the Insomnia Radio Site.

Dylan Lock
From: Newmarket/Victoria Harbour
Song:Killer and Sin
Song:Don’t stumble
Dylan Lock is a singer/songwriter whom discovered a passion for music at a young age and was Instinctively drawn to the sound of the piano. Then soon after he became a multi-instrumentalist. Through years of experience, practice, and dedication he has grown to inspire many. With icons such as Queen, Burton Cummings, Bob Seger, Beatles and many other classic rock artists. It has driven him to develop a great reputation. Dylan describes his music as a combination of blues/rock/ with an original touch. Currently recording an album, he looks forward to sharing and expressing the same energy hes embraced through the art of music.

7 Mile Stare
From:Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada
Song: Bloodshot Eyes
Song: Upside Down

Chris Ricketson-Vocals/Guitar
Rick Ruth-Drums
Mike Cormier-Lead Guitar
Jamie Geddes-Bass/Piano

I found this group on Reverbnation.
Heads On Backwards
From: White Rock, BC
Song: My Wish
Song: Run Run Running
colaboration between Bryon Tosoff and Jaime Elliott.  Bryon Tossoff was played on a previous show, and is the owner of BlueVoodoo production.

December Rose
From: Montreal QC
Song:Don’t Give Up on Love
Song:Came Here to Party
Born in Montreal, December Rose is and has always been a Canadian, but her ambition for her career in music has taken her beyond Canadian borders to expose her talents to a growing number of supportive fans.
Musically inclined from her earliest years, December Rose’s childhood lent her to be active in community and church performances, always jumping at the chance to be creatively expressive. Growing up, she pursued all opportunities to find an outlet for her creative passions, devoted to honing her musical abilities while developing herself as an artist. As her interests in music have grown into an inevitable career choice, December has nurtured a stunning natural vocal talent that has enabled her to step up as a viable contender for becoming the next big star in pop music
Inspirations: Adele, Michael Bublé, Lady Gaga.

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  1. Thanks a lot Chris! -Nitasha (Opium Parlour)