Monday, 28 May 2012

Chasing Eidolon

So last week I was looking for tracks to play over on Jamendo.  It's a great site for indie musicians to get their stuff out there and be heard.  So on the main page was a album cover that reminded me of pac man.  So it hit play.   Enjoyed what I was hearing and headed to the page for the band.

Chasing Eidolon (pronounced Eye-da-lawn) are from Richmond BC Canada.  (I do love to support home grown talent).

The band consists of:
Alvin Man - vocals / rhythm guitar / keyboard
Andrew Choy - bass
Manuel Lee - drums
Angelo yue - lead guitar / vocals

So far they only have the one album that came out in 2008, but they have email to let me know that they have been working on another album.  Guys, if it's as great as this one, I can't wait to hear it.

This first album has 5 tracks, and they're all great.  But really you should all go listen and form your own opinions about it.  They have a good clean sound.  The vocals, well I truly enjoy being able to understand what is being sung, and not just hearing noise.

MySpace : Chasing Eidolon
Jamendo : Chasing Eidolon

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