Thursday, 31 May 2012


Up until about 3 years ago I had never listened to a podcast.  Never.  I know, shocking.   I started with The Bugcast.   Got hooked.  Then discovered Darkcompass.  Loved Rowley's voice.  Got hooked even more.   Then started listening to other shows.   Nick Tann's  Is This Thing On, Graham Holland's It's A Frog's Life, Made in The UK, Insomnia Radio.   Even started listening to Butterflies Radio.  Everyone featuring so much great talent.

Being the music junkie I am ( I play mostly.... Flute, Bodhran, Recorder, Tin whistle, a bit of Clarinet, sax, french horn (just very basics), Trumpet, Piano, and currently trying to learn drums), supporting other musicians who were trying to peruse their dreams was a no brainer for me.   When I was laid off from my job in December of 2009 I did some volunteer work.  I helped out in the local public school, helping the music teacher with his grade 7 & 8 instrumental music class.  I really enjoyed it and wish that somehow I could have gotten into teacher college and become a music teacher.

Mostly I listened and tweeted at first.   Then I started surfing Jamendo looking for music to recommend to the hosts.  And Now, curating/guest hosting on The Justin Wayne show seems to be the next somewhat natural step in my musical journey.

I'm enjoying what seems to be my bi-weekly stints on Justin's show.

But it leaves me thinking of the next step.  And where will that take me?

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