Thursday, 10 May 2012

Darkcompass Podcast

This is a music podcast that I might not have found if Caroline had not shared the link to The Bugcast.  You see one week, Dave & Caroline did a show swap with Rowley.  The first think I thought when the episode of the Bugcast he was hosting started was "Man he's got a nice voice!"  It was his speaking voice and choice of music that prompted me to give his show a try.   Most of his shows are about an hour long.   Which over the past year have been just perfect for my drive to and from school.   

Darkcompass is one of the longest running music podcasts in the UK, and just recently Rowley won  prestigious National Winner Award this year at The European Podcast Awards . Way to go Rowley.

I never know what to expect music wise on the show, but I have yet to be disappointed by any of Rowley's choices on what to play.  

So if you want to try a new show, and you enjoy listening someone who has a great speaking voice I'd highly recommend giving this show a try.  And if you like metal, he does a metal show too!


Darkcompass Metal

Darkcompass on Twitter

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