Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Show 158: Vans, Frogs and Skies

The first time I did anything more than recommend songs to a podcast was Show 158 of The Justin Wayne Show I brought in four tracks.  We talked.  It was a lot of fun.

The band Owneshire (pronounced Owen-shy-er), is a local band.   They're from London Ontario.   You can check out their facebook page Owenshire or their band web page at: OwenShireand from listening to their music I would say that REM was their biggest influence.  If I had not been going to Fanshawe College I might never have found this group, as Rob, the lead singer and bass player is a professor at Fanshawe.

The second band I choose was Son Of a Bad Mad.  When someone suggested I listen to this group I was hooked.   Shawn Fisher has a unique sound to his voice. I was excited to purchase their first album, and the second on that was released early in 2012.   The bands fans paid for much of the recording and release of their second album.  This is one of the few indie bands over the last year that is always on my MP3 player.  You can check out their myspace page at: Son of a Bad Mad or their tumblr site which they do keep up to date. SOABM
 Son of a Bad Man also does a number of covers that are well worth listening to.  Many of them are posted on YouTube.

The next one up on show 158 was Wolf Larsen's If I Be Wrong.   Should I have my details right I heard that song on The Bug Cast and well, Dave and Caroline do have excellent taste in music.   Wolf's voice is lovely.  The song very stirring and emotional.  You can learn more about Wolf and her music at: Wolf Larsen Music or her Band Camp page: Wolf Larsen

And last up for this show was a song called Surrender.   I'm not sure 100% how I found this track of if it found me, but its amazing.   It's instrumental.  I know it's on soundcloud, and the artist has a few songs up.  She also appears to have a facebook page and twitter, though none of them seem to be very active.   The song though is well worth the listen.

Below is the listing as it appears on Justin Wayne's web site for the show. If you did listen or do listen to the show, I would love to hear your feedback.

Chris from Canada Curates the end of the show
Learning CurvePercy Shelley’s HeartOwenshire
Open Your EyesSon of a Bad ManSon of a Bad Man
If I Be WrongQuiet at the Kitchen DoorWolf Larsen
Surrenderon SoundcloudKiky Wigi

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