Monday, 11 June 2012

Show 160: Emily Wolf, Discovery 2 & the Chris Takeover

If you haven't listened to all of the Justin Wayne Show 160 then you really should go back and listen to the whole thing, not just my takeover of the second half.

So my first track up this week was a band called Beat Six. Of the few tracks they had on Jamendo I chose Live Fast Lie Down. After the initial intro on the song, I thought it had a bit of a sca feel to it.  Its up beat, catchy and fun.  I thought it was a great choice to start off my hijacking of Justin's show. This band is from the UK.
Beat Six on Myspace
Beat Six on Jamendo

Up next was Filthy Kicks. A band from the UK that I had recommended to my by my friend Becka.  (Thanks again Becka).  I loved that this song took us away from the standard Rock songs that get played.  I would highly suggest giving this band a listen.  
Filthy Kicks on Myspace
Filthy Kicks on Facebook
Filthy Kicks on Jamendo

And just to keep things interesting, I changed genre's again!   From their album WanTED, up next was Ted is Dead and their song, Life's Bleeding for the Living.  I was looking for something that would fall on the harder side of rock.  What do you think?  Did I find it?
Ted is Dead on Jamendo
Ted is Dead on Jamendo

Up next was my favorite song of the week.   A Canadian Band.  Chasing Eidolon (pronounced Eye-da-lon).  I contacted the band, and they say that they are working on a second album.  I can't wait to hear it if its as good as the first one.  I have their entire first album in my current play lists on my mp3 player.
Chasing Eidolon on Jamendo
Chasing Eidolon on Myspace
Chasing Eidolon on Facebook

And up last, was a a band called Avalanche, and their song Waterfall of Fire. As with the other four song this was sourced from Jamendo.
Avalanche on Myspace
Avalanche on Jamendo

I had a lot of fun mixing up the Genre's this week.   If you want to learn more about any of the bands, see any of the above links.

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