Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Show 164:

So this would be the 4th episode of the Justin Wayne show that I've curated/guest hosted on.  Yes, I'm still having fun.  And while I was very tired when I did my part of the show, it was all worth it.  

The first band I played was Curxes.  I first heard this band during a marathon listening session of The Dark Compass podcast.  Ro, thanks for playing them.   I contacted the band and they sent me three track.   I played Once Upon a time.  I liked New Wave music when it was first popular.  So this band became an instant like for me.  Within just a few seconds of the song playing I could pick out bits that were (to me at least) clearly influenced by bands like Depeche Mode.
 Roberta Fidora has a great voice, and a great vocal range.  The work that Roberta and Macaulay have done so far makes me look forward to what they will do next.  

Curxes Home Page
Curxes on Soundcloud
Curxes on Facebook
Curxes on Myspace

Next up I played a song titled Stop (one more time), by Ghost Kollective (formally known as GhostK).  As of September 2011 the band was composed of _Ghost, CDK and Tacet.  All three members live in different time zone, which no doubt makes composing more complicated, but everything I have listened to so far has been fantastic.   This song I discovered by listening to The Bugcast.  Normally I'd pass on music like this.  But this song stuck with me after the first listen.  When the song starts, it's simple and instrumental.   I was pleasantly surprised by everything that came after.  The group tries to keep everything posted on their website and free.

Ghost Kollective Home Page
Ghost Kollective on FaceBook
Ghost Kollective on Twitter

Breezeless, and their song Have you Ever was up next.  This is a group from Germany.  I found them while surfing Jamendo.   The light bouncy tune reminded me of the Dance songs I would listen to back in High School.  It's cheerful and happy and bound to cheer you up.

Breezeless on Jamendo

The next song holds a special place in my life.   Back in high school I was friends with a guy named Darren Shady.  We were both computer geeks back then, and Darren wrote his own music.  Everything was written and produced on the computer.  This song, Amethyst House on the Beach was written for me back in the early 1990's.  The last time I spoke with Darren he had not written anything as good as this song, or anything he liked as much.   I'm still very flattered to have been the inspiration to write such an amazing song.

Darren does not currently have a web presence.   He did at one point have a my space page.

Up next I played a song by Relivant Dischord.  The song, Days of Deferment.  The group is fronted by Nicholas Andres Depew.  He does all the writing and oversees the bands independent label.

Relevant Dischord Home Page
Relevant Dischord on Myspace
Relevant Dischord on Soundcloud
Relevant Dischord on Facebook

Next we have one of my favorite finds from listening to other Podcasts.  Fresh Body Shop.   This is a group from France.  They're an alternative pop rock band.  I love the different sound they have, and the bass lines in a few of the songs are really catchy. My favorite song so far from this band is Angry Machine.
If you enjoy this band, check out Pedro's instrumental project: The Seventh Alchemy

Fresh Body Shop on Myspace
Fresh Body Shop on Jamendo
The Seventh Alchemy on Jamendo

I don't think that anyone would argue with me that I saved the best track of the show for last.   And what a way to close out the show!  The band was Two Crown King and they're  from London Ontario Canada.  Yes I do like to support local talent!  The band members are:  Goodchild, Ajay, Scotty, Pat, Jer & Dick.  They're touring all summer around Southern parts of Ontario.  And with some luck I'll be at one of those shows near the end of August!
The song I chose from the free album off their web site was We Get Down.  And what's not to like about this song.  It's up beat, fun, catchy, unique in that it blends so many different genre's of music into one great song!  This band is going places and I can't wait to see what they can come up with next.  Go check them out, look at the concert tour and go see them!

 Guys if you're reading this I would love to do an interview with you for the show!

Two Crown King
Two Crown King on Myspace
Two Crown King on facebook
Two Crown King on Twitter

I don't know how I'll ever top that song, but I'm going to have fun looking for more music for show 166!

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