Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is Podcasting infectious?

So over the past 3 years I have been very content to listen to podcasts and occasionally send in a recommendation here and there.  Then a chance to guest host came up.  So I figured why not?   Well, that was about 6 weeks ago, and now 3 podcasts in I think I'm rather hooked.  I've only gotten feedback from Justin so far, so I have no idea how the rest of the world thinks of the songs I've picked out or any of the talky bits....   For me it's still strange to hear my own voice.

I love discovering new bands, even if they're only new to me.  Connecting with the artists and getting to ask them questions about their music is a bonus!  Music was the one class I really enjoyed all through high school.  Not only did I take the instrumental music classes, but the vocal ones too.   I was lucky to have sever very supportive music teachers through the years, which may be part of the reason I leaned to play a bit on several instruments.   And I think this support through those years may be part of what has lead me to where I am now, supporting other musicians.

I still play, but mostly just for my own enjoyment.   Mostly just piano and flute now but I have that itch to learn something new....

But I think so long as there is a way for me to guest host for now, that will do.   I don't currently have the means to do my own show.  (I'm currently working with an iphone and a PC laptop)....

It is fun, and so long as it remains fun, I'll keep doing it.

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