Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Show 162: The Justin Wayne Show, with a Canadian take over (one hour 25 min into the show)

I wasn't able to be in the chat room tonight.... so hopefully someone out there who listened in will give me some feedback!  

Did you like the tracks I selected?
Do you want me to talk more about the bands? The music? My opinions on what was played?

So the list from tonight....

First up was Tenpenny Joke.   I selected their song Black Satellite.  Tenpenny Joke come to you from Australia! I first heard this band on The Bugcast

Second came burning Shapes, and their song Drop.  The band is from the Kent/Surrey/Sussex region.

The band is: Toby (lead vocals, guitar), Dave (vocals, bass),  Andy (vocals, MPC, keys) , and Steve (drums).  Their debut single "Drop" arrived in July 2011.

Third was Antarhes with Summer Wind.  Antarhes are from France, and they first formed in 2003.

Fourth was The Monster Brothers, and their song Babylon Bridges. The Monster Brothers are from Switzerland.  The band is made up of: Jason Temple: vocals, keys & ipad, Alex Bolonte: guitar, Paolo Gianinazzi: guitar, Nicole Regazzoni: Bass, Gionate Brunel: Drums, and Desiree Albicker: Violin.

Fifth I played Bronze and the song was Next Victim. The band consists of: Bailey who does vocals, & guitar, Chris on lead guitar, Joaquin on drums & vocals, and Steve on bass guitar.

Sixth was a new find.  Ronney Cary, and from his solo album Red for Ronny I chose Nobody's Sweetheart.
This is from his solo album, but he's also part of two other bands.  Ronney is from Minnesota USA.

The last two tracks I played last as they were local (Canadian) talent.

So the Seventh track was a band from Guelph Ontario, Persist.  They dropped me off 7 tracks, which was wonderful, and I chose Take.  (I think I may play more of their music on another show, down the road at some point).
The band consist of: K.C Lee on Vocals, Z on  Guitar, Christian on Guitar, K.J on Bass, and Jerry Stro on Drums.
The band hopes to have some gigs to play at this summer.  

And Last up was GLO.  Great band from Montreal!  I chose their single from their new album, Don't Believe.  Their first album, On The Outside was released March 29th, 2011.  With their single from the new album being released January 12 2012.  And the entire album (No One Hears Me) being releeased in April of 2012!
The band GLO is currently on tour, and will be playing in Toronto on June 21st 2012 at 8pm at Lee's Palace!

If you want to drop off a track to me to review here on the blog, or play on the podcast you can send them to: creativlycls at gmail dot com

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