Sunday, 4 August 2013

AMPed Show 400 - Podcasting Inspirations

I've been a member of AMP (Association of Music Podcasters) since about show 7.  This group of people have been a great resource over the past year, and a support group even when they don't realize that's what they're doing.

Show 400 of AMPed is coming up very very soon.   The request for submissions for this episode has me thinking a lot about how I got into podcasting, and what inspired it.

My journey started about four years ago when Caroline (now co-host of the BugCast) and I were on a RPG site together.  She posted in the general chat form that her husband had a music podcast and there was a live chat room, and left the link for anyone who might want to tune in.  I don't remember if I was instantly hooked or if it took a few shows, but here I am four years down the road still listening to the show.   I don't always get to listen to the live show anymore due to my work schedule, but I still make time to listen.   Dave and Caroline are always entertaining to listen to.   And they occasionally play Canadian musicians too.

At some point Dave and Caroline did a swap.  They hosted the Dark Compass, and Ro hosted the Bugcast.  Ro had me hooked right away.  He has one of those voices that I could listen to all the time.   I started listening to his podcast after they did the show swap.  It became the show I listened to driving to and from school.   (I had a back log of show's I hadn't listened to and it was perfect for driving).

I started listening to other shows here and there including The Justin Wayne Show.  At some point I asked Justin if he took song suggestions.   I don't remember all the details of our conversations after that point as I was flattered and blown away as Justin suggested I put together some songs and record the audio introductions and do part of his show.   I even took over an entire show at one point while he was moving from the UK to the USA.   All he had to do was post the show.

It was around this time that Stuart from Insomnia Radio emailed me.   With a question he'd been meaning to ask me as he said, for some time.   Would I be interested in Hosting Insomnia Radio Canada?   Talk about rockin my world!  I wanted to say yes right off the bat, but I was still trying to finish up a college course.  But wow!  What a question.  I did say yes, and agreed to one show a month, which didn't stick at all.   I'm now doing bi-weekly shows, and still having a blast doing it.

I've discovered so many amazing bands, gotten to hear some fantastic music and even made it out to one show.   It was all about going to see Persist, but I was thrilled at the end of the night to have gotten to see Core live as well.   I'm always Leary of live music as it usually doesn't sound nearly anywhere as good as the recorded stuff.    Persist and Core proved my train of thought on that wasn't totally accurate.  They both nailed it that night, even though there were some monitor issues.

And here I am... 21 shows in, 11 months and still at it.

I've always been a music person.   My parents got me a toy grand piano when I was about 4.   My dad played guitar.  My moms sisters all played instruments....  When I was about 7 my parents got me an electric organ.  Just a small one that would sit on the table, but I started learning to read music.   In grade 3 I joined our school choir.  When I was 11 we learned recorder at school and my one aunt started teaching me to play clarinet. I played that the following year at school.  It was the only thing I enjoyed about school that year.  The summer between grade 7 and 8 I borrowed a flute from the school and taught myself how to  play.   I still play flute.  My parents got me a student flute in grade 9.  A few years later I upgraded to a good quality silver flute and still enjoy playing and teaching using it.

I was very luck through high school.  I had a teacher that would let us sign out other instruments after 4pm.  I learned how to play trumpet, oboe, french horn (the most difficult I every tried to learn).   I tried several times to learn guitar.  Don't know if it was me or those who were trying to teach me, but I never got far.   I keep thinking I'll try again at some time.

Even after High School I kept acquiring instruments and learning how to play new stuff.  Within arms reach at the computer I can reach an electric keyboard with midi capabilities, my flute, a tin whistle, a fife, several different recorders, and at least 2 guitars.  In the other room I have a bodhran, a hammered dulcimer, and a full size organ.  The organ belonged to my great grandfather who played by feel and memory as he was totally blind.  

Music always has been and always will be a part of my life.

So, trying to pick out a track for 400.   Something that inspired me to start podcasting.... talk about a hard task.

And all the while I find I'm wanting to play more music.   I haven't played in or with anyone for quite some time.  And I don't think playing Rock Band on the PS3 totally counts though it is great fun and hitting those 100% and some Flawless scores on the vocal tracks are great fun...  it's not the same.   (but I'm always looking for others to play with on line....)

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