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Show 21 - Review and New

Show 21 - New And Review

As promised I finished up the review.   Starting with show 11.

Paul Randy Mingo
From: Tatamagouche Nova Scotia (originally) Now in Halifax Nova Scotia
Song: Drinking for a Living

Dawn Before Descent
From: Hamilton ON
Dean Irvine - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Mike Park - Bass
Loeden Learn - Drums

From: London ON
Song: Last Man Standing
Song: Drtyprty"From the ashes of Huron County funk/punk/soul outfit Bastid Sonz comes alt/electro/pop duo DNSQ3 who’ve just released their debut EP, Is Anyone Out There?

Whoa! She’s A Babe
Song: Down Below
From: Vancouver BC

This band of brothers is comprised of Ryan Goodwin (Vocals), Graham Pence (Guitar), Jordon Irwin (Guitar) and Ryan Steward (Drums)

Moment of Inertia
Song: Wrecking Ball
From: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Pat Pelletier - Vocals
Peter Lockhart - GuitarVocals
Jeff Lockhart - Bass
Randy Ross - Drums

Social Potion
Song: Cordelia
From: Toronto ON
Social Potion are Carmen Toth (Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard) and Aaron Jones (Drums, Controller, Keyboard and occasionally Guitar )

Mushy Callahan
Song: Burn
From: Alberta
The band is a group of 4 brothers: Noah, Lucas, Joel, and Jacob
Mushy Callahan are all Alberta Natives who moved to Toronto. Thus far, they have released their debut EP entitled “Man On The Run,” which is an incredible mix of classic and indie rock

From: Hamilton ON
Song: achilies desire

Vuk Lazar
From: Toronto ON
Song: Echo

And that would wrap up the review tracks.   Lots of fantastic bands, and even more that didn't get played.   I have to say that I feel quite lucky to have been able to play all the bands I've been able to play over the past eleven months.   Some of those bands have even done me up some fantastic bumpers.  

A bumper (or feature as some shows call them), is a audio recording from an artist, band or individual.  Anything from something very simple like them saying who they are and that you're listing to insomnia radio to something totally creative with music and sound effects.   Two Crown King did one where they mashed up each members voice into different parts.   Ro, from the Dark Compass podcast sent me one with sirens which holds a bit of an inside joke for me as many of his shows include sirens outside his house....   I always enjoy getting bumpers and seeing what folks come up with.   And many of  them get reused on future shows.

Up next, some new stuff....

From NS
Song: Monsters in Space
Song: Space Dust

Alan Jarvis
From: Guelph ON
Song: One More Endless Summer
Song: Forever
This is his fifth CD

Album Name: You Gotta Laugh
Song: For What It’s Worth
Song: Stay with me
Email Address:
Website Address:
From: Regina SK
Folk rock singer songwriter Annette Campagne has been writing and performing for over 25 years. Singing in both English and French, her work with the group Hart Rouge boasts an impressive list of accomplishments: seven albums and several commercial radio hits and tours across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. This paved the way for her solo career, where she released another three albums.

Take The Apple
Song: Downpour
Song: Detrimental
Cristien Rapp - Vocals, Tim Fillier - Guitar/Backup Vocals, Justin Corner - Guitar/Backup Vocals, Andrew Kantor - Bass

It was a full show, and over the one hour mark.... but I figure I'm just making up for the shows that were under an hour.

Show 21 is still about a week off. Still trying to find tracks..... Or wait for submissions.

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